The 32nd Annual

Family Business


Family Business


April 17-18, 2024  ·  Sioux Falls, SD
Hilton Garden Inn-Downtown

April 17-18, 2024  ·  Sioux Falls, South Dakota  ·  Hilton Garden Inn-Downtown

People: Starting with you.

Helping family businesses through generations.

Live from Sioux Falls, SD Join Us On the Virtual Platform


Family. Business. Succession. The Future.

It’s our biggest event of the year! Join us for an action-packed two-days full of family business inspiration and motivation that’ll transform your thinking around communication, succession, relationships and the future of your family business. Take two days to focus, recharge, and get on track to crush your goals.


Whether you’re new around here or this is your 14th time, the PFBA Family Business Conference is the place to be for families in business together!

National Experts

Gain wisdom from a powerful line-up of family business owners, consultants and experts

Virtual Convenience

One click and view. Easy access and ability to stream sessions for 30 days after the conference ends.

Dedicate Your Time

Pull yourself out of your business for 1.5 days and be prepared to leave inspired! Learn from the best to be your best.

Unlimited family members and employees can attend virtually for only $499!

Join family-owned businesses leaders in all industries from first to fifth generation!

Whether you are a seasoned family business leader looking to navigate succession planning or a first-generation newcomer seeking to understand the nuances of family enterprise, this family business conference provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and practical strategies.

If you consider yourself a family business owner, employee, successor, board member, or key stakeholder grappling with the complexities of family dynamics in business – this conference is the perfect fit for you and your family!

  • Gain tools and strategies to implement today.

  • Expand your network of family business owners and exchange best practices

  • Benefit from our expertise in navigating family business dynamics

Featured Speakers

National family business experts will equip your family with the tools needed to transition and grow, as well as keep you competitive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Kimberly Eddleston

Kimberly Eddleston

Founding Editor,

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler

The Nonlinear Life



GET IT: The Power of Profitable Conversations

dr thomas epperson

Tom Epperson

InnerWill Leadership Institute

katie & jenny

Katie & Jenny

Next Gen Collaborative

CJ Dube

CJ DuBe'

Expert EOS Implementer®

willie robertson ceo of duck commander

Success Story

Willie Robertson

CEO, Duck Commander

New this year!

90-Minute Discussion Groups

Choose the generation that best fits you and spend 90-minutes connecting and learning from fellow family business owners and leaders.

Leading With Purpose: Creating a Meaning Agenda to Serve a Purpose-Driven Workforce

Led by Bruce Feiler, New York Times Bestselling Author

Gone are the days when managers can simply issue top-down edicts and ignore the input of their workers. But what do workers want?

This workshop will first explore the changing values of today’s workforce, focused specifically on his proprietary data on the post-pandemic rise of job fluidity, work from anywhere, along with the importance of balance, flexibility, and well being.

This timely, practical workshop will offer a new framework for work in a post-Covid, post-career world and road map for leaders and workers to work together to create a more welcoming, more balanced, and ultimately more successful work culture.

Finding Meaning in the Transition to the Next Stage of Your Life

Led by Tom Epperson, InnerWill Leadership Institute

Many folks make the decision to retire based on an economic state rather than a life state – and that comes as no surprise considering that there's plenty of guidance for retirees about their financial portfolio; not so much about their emotional portfolio. Beyond that there's myriad of reasons why it's so difficult for Family Business Leaders to hand over the reins and hand over their leadership responsibilities. Instead of thinking of it as retirement, what if we defined it as reinvention? Reinvention is focused on transitioning that same passion, purpose, and potential that's been focused on the business to bring about continued fulfillment in the next chapter life.

This program takes a holistic approach that leverages each leader's invaluable insights, wisdom, and talents that have been honed over decades, to overcome their personal challenges (from handing over the reins of the business to family dynamics, and everything in between) and live a life of abundance and purpose after retirement. 

Led By: Katie Rucker and Jenny Dinnen, Next Gen Collaborative

Family businesses are often built on tradition, legacy, and a shared vision. The strength of these businesses lies in the dedication and commitment of family members who work tirelessly to ensure the company is not overlooked – the value of finding your unique voice doesn't mean going against the family values, but rather the focus is around inspiring the business (and ultimately the family) with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Key takeaways:

  • Importance of harnessing your individual strength and passions to drive both personal and professional success
  • Innovating in the next gen
  • Tips on how to get started utilizing Next Gen Collaborative's FAMILY Framework
  • Why envisioning your own personal legacy is important as you expand your role in the family business

Why Attend? Hear it from our guests.

Why Attend?

"Our first experience with PFBA was attending the conference. It was an amazing experience... amazing speakers, timely connections, great at identifying our next steps. One of our biggest take-aways was the willingness of all attendees to reach out and assist others. Wonderful experience!"

– Rick F., 2nd Generation

Spearfish, SD – Financial Industry

"I appreciated the diversity of topics and speakers. I can get into a rut, same thinking, the entire conference caused me to question or rethink thoughts on specific topics."

– Jeff S., 2nd Generation

Sioux Falls, SD – Professional Services

"Really interesting and thought-provoking sessions, great flow to the conference and importantly, engaging from a virtual perspective."

– Russ H., 1st Generation

United Kingdom – Professional Services

Pre-Conference Bonus Events

Get warmed up for the conference with our bonus sessions! Held at the Hilton Garden Inn-Downtown Sioux Falls on Tuesday, April 16.

pfba farm family forum april 16, 2024 for ranch. & farm-run family businesses

10am-3pm CDT

Is it time to tackle the undiscussables?

Join other farm and ranch families as you learn how to conquer the challenges in your journey toward a successful transition.

pfba board bootcamp april 16, 2024 for family businesses

10:30am-3:30pm CDT

Ready to take your Board of Directors to the next level?

Launch or improve your Board at this transformative event for business owners, next-generation leaders, and board members.


1-5pm CDT

Have you found yourself or the business feeling stuck?

Unlock the full potential of your family business as we focus on creating a personalized roadmap for growth.

in-person seating sold out

Virtual Pricing

Virtual access to two-days of impactful family-focused speakers, education & networking. Includes an unlimited number of viewers from the same company/family for one price.


Unlimited Virtual

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