A Family Business Membership to the Prairie Family Business Association is for businesses in which:

  • The family has controlling interest in the firm
  • One or more family members work in the company
  • The family expects to continue its management and/or control of the business

Take advantage of the many programs and resources Prairie Family Business Association offers:

  • Annual Conference – The premier educational and networking event in the region featuring national and local presenters. 2020 dates: April 28-29
  • Affinity Peer Groups – Peer groups that meet regularly, allowing members to share experiences and learn from each other. The facilitated groups discuss and seek advice on confidential issues and opportunities.
  • Lunch and Learn Webinars – Interactive presentations from family business experts and family business success stories. Join others over lunch at a host site near you.
  • Live Case Studies – Receive a fresh look at your family business from a team of professional advisers. The Family Business Check-Up and the Transition Preparation Assessment (TPA) are vital tools within the live case studies used to assess your family business needs and opportunities.
  • Networking – One of the top benefits of membership.
  • Professional Advisor Study Groups – Meet with other professional advisors to discuss live case studies and learn from a multidisciplinary approach to family business advising.
  • Next Gen Program – A unique program designed to help the next generation of leaders in a family business.
  • Retreat – Two days with a national consultant and a small group of other business-owning families. Learn the process that will enable the family business to grow and prosper.
  • Awards and Legacy Tours – Awards recognize local family businesses who have been committed to excellence throughout multiple generations. Award events include a tour of a local legacy family business.

Membership Options

There are four types of membership available within the Prairie Family Business Association: all-inclusive, standard, professional advisor, and sponsor. Read each description to determine what membership option is best suited for you.

Rates include access for unlimited family members to attend all educational programs. This membership level allows four family members to attend the annual conference, our premier event. Additional family members or key employees who attend the annual conference will receive a significantly discounted rate.

All-Inclusive is $2,700 – Enables up to four family members to attend the annual conference* and unlimited family members are invited to all other educational programming.

*Additional family members and key employees attend at a significantly discounted rate.

Membership rates are based upon the total number of full-time equivalent employees. Standard members can attend Lunch & Learn Webinars at no cost and attend conferences, forums and dinners at the member rate*. Standard members have access to the private membership directory, member socials, and a resource network of family business owners.

1-20 employees: $385
21-50 employees: $670
51+ employees: $925

*Member fees for the annual conference: $695 per person (early rate) or $795 per person (regular rate).

Membership rates allow two representatives access to all educational programs. Any member of the firm attends the annual conference at the member rate.

$915 – Professional advisor membership is for attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, financial advisors, business consultants and others playing a critical role in assisting family businesses.

A variety of sponsorship levels allow company representatives to attend educational programming and the annual conference. Sponsor logos and names are displayed on all Prairie Family Business marketing and promotional materials.

Member Testimonials

Affinity Peer Group meetings have enabled me a to discuss sensitive business and personal issues with other professionals who have similar experiences. Group members challenge me to ask deeper questions in order to see additional solutions that can benefit both my company and my family. The best part is the understanding that my business situation is not entirely unique and there are others that can help navigate the “family” seas.
One of the most valuable things the Prairie Family Business Association provides comes from participating in my peer group. I’ve definitely been helped by the advice I’ve received at my peer group and I think every member of our group has given advice that has helped someone else, too. Often times someone else in my group sees the situation I’m describing in a different way and challenges me to take an action I wasn’t even considering before. I think it will only continue to become more valuable over time.

PFBA touches all aspects of the business and family system, identifying the areas where better processes, shareholder and family education, communication and alignment will lead to better business performance and a stronger family. I have seen the benefits that PFBA has brought to families in business and what it has brought to not only the families and their business but communities as well. In addition PFBA is quickly to identify resources for families in business to reach out to.

The most meaningful element of the PFBA has been the family conversations. One night after a conference, our family went out to dinner and I remember a wonderful conversation about what was important to each individual while listening as one family. That was a very gratifying moment for me, as a father. Our attendance at the Prairie Family Business Conferences and The Family Weekend at Nelson Farm created the conditions for that type of conversation and understanding to occur.
We have been very fortunate to have been introduced to Prairie Family Business as our family is in the beginning talks of transition. I have personally found the conferences very useful in how to open up the family talks about transitioning and really getting to know how the entire family feels and what we need to talk about. We do take advantage of the lunch and learns for further education and transition education. I am a big advocate for joining a Peer Affinity Group as well, there is nothing like having a group to work through company and family business issues and having that safe place to discuss things you might not be able to with other employees or family. I can’t say enough to encourage others to join these groups, they provide so much support to Family Businesses.
I always come away from a Prairie Family Business event enlightened. Whether it be strictly business or the personal interactions between family members, I always learn something new that can be applied to our family business. It’s comforting to know that other families have been where we’re at in succession planning.
The Prairie Family Business has allowed our company to work through the tough topics in family business and has provided opportunities to network with other family businesses that are in the same situations. I appreciate that we take dedicated time to attend the Annual Conference, Retreats, etc. to make our business the best it can possibly be. I think the PFBA is invaluable to a small family business – a small business like ours can’t afford not attend the training, webinars, and conferences!
If you are involved in family business, you can’t afford to miss their great conferences and events. It is never too early to start, and this will help move your family business in the right direction, it did with our family.
We’ve been a part of Prairie Family Business for over a decade now. The Affinity Peer Groups has been a great resource with the sharing of information and figuring out how to conquer problems that might arise in your business. It has been a great resource in seeing how other companies are handling the similar problems we have had whether it is dealing with employees or with customers.