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Next Bootcamp: 9·19·23

Invest in your Family Business + Structure Your Future

Board Bootcamp is intended for:

A Business Owner

  • Considering establishing an advisory or fiduciary board
  • Who wants to increase value and effectiveness of your current board
  • Hesitant to establish a board due to presumed loss of control

A Board Member

  • For a business and you’re not clear on role expectations

An Owner/Board Member/Family Member

  • Who wants to understand roles and how to best work together

Our 2023 Bootcamp Addressed 5 Key Topics:

Talent, Board and Family

  • Placing talent on the board versus hiring a consultant
  • Representing the family to the board, especially as the family tree grows
  • Role of the senior generation as they step out of day-to-day role in business

Recruitment & Execution

  • Where to find new board members
  • What's most and least important in a board member?
  • A great board agenda
  • Chair's role during and between meetings

Evaluations, Accountability & Competencies

  • Holding family accountable
  • Holding management accountable
  • Training the Next Generation
  • Independent board members

Training & Compensation

  • Training and onboarding new board members
  • Compensation of board members
  • Board committee structure

Balance Point System

  • Owner/Board/Management (OBM) System
  • Owner Plan
  • Owner Manual