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Launch or improve your family business board at Board Bootcamp – a transformative event for business owners, next-generation leaders, and board members.

This impactful experience will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to create high-performing boards, advisory teams, or fiduciary units and connect you with other family businesses looking to do the same.


Board Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to start or enhance your business' board and network with family business peers. 


Next event to be held in 2025.

What to Expect:

Engaging Workshops

Participate in interactive workshops led by industry experts, where you'll gain insights into effective family business governance and leadership.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals in the family business community looking to build, maintain, and improve their boards.

Best Practices

Learn best practices for achieving excellence in board structure, recruitment, compensation, and performance.


"A board brings calmness to the boardroom in a family business."

This one-day bootcamp can help your family businesses develop a board, either advisory or fiduciary, or help your existing board become even higher performing.


Whether you've never thought of having a formal board, are in the early stages, or have had a developed board for years – you will walk away with actionable steps to start or improve your family business board.

Are you interested in serving on a family business advisory or fiduciary board?

Let us know! Our team will follow up to get your full board profile.

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