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10am-3pm  |  April 16, 2024  |  Sioux Falls, SD

10am-3pm  |  April 16, 2024
Sioux Falls, SD

Tackle unspoken issues and prepare your operation for successful transition with Farm Family Transition Expert Elaine Froese.

Elaine's expertise lies in tackling the "Undiscussabull™" – those critical issues within farm families that often go unspoken. Recognized for excellence in Farm Business Management and known as "Canada’s Farm Whisperer," Elaine will guide farm families in attendance to communicate better, find harmony through understanding, and secure a profitable farm legacy.


The Farm Family Forum serves as the perfect precursor to the 2024 Annual Family Business Conference. Register for both events and enjoy three days of focus on your family’s legacy!

elaine froese

Elaine Froese

Elaine Froese is a certified professional speaker, coach, and author with over 40 years of experience in helping farm families navigate the intricacies of communication, conflict resolution, and successful farm transitions. As a farmer and mother herself, Elaine intimately understands the culture of agriculture, making her the go-to expert for families seeking harmony through understanding.

Key Takeaways

Communication Styles

Identify your communication style and learn effective ways to express expectations and agreements.

Fairness in Transition

Gain insights into achieving fairness in farm transition, covering key issues such as income streams, housing, and overall equity.

Actionable Plans

Create a timeline for action, encompassing communication, estate planning, financial strategies, and conflict resolution.

Award-Winning Expertise

With 40+ years of professional speaking, over six years as a Certified Speaking Professional, and numerous awards, Elaine brings unparalleled expertise.

Who Should Attend?

  • Farm Owners
  • Successors (Future Owners and/or Operators)
  • Family Members
  • Agricultural Professionals

Kick off your conference experience by participating in this dynamic pre-conference event.

pfba farm family forum april 16, 2024 for ranch. & farm-run family businesses

See Elaine in action!

Elaine has learned farm and ranch families are longing for practical, workable tools to help secure the future of their farm. Founders, or Gen1, are typically anxious about tough conversations with Gen2. 


If you can relate to this, Farm Family Forum is the perfect event for you. Elaine will help with clarity of expectations and harmony through understanding.

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