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A family business retreat is one of the most important strategies used to help strengthen the communication system in a family-owned business.

Family Business Retreat

This three-day event, held at the exclusive Paul Nelson Farm in Gettysburg, SD, features Jared Lock, PHD, the Founder and CEO at The JDL Group.

Jared brings a 25-year career helping global organizations & leaders maximize the human potential side of the business equation. He specializes in transforming businesses into agile organizations, executive coaching, conducting succession planning and culture change initiatives. His focus is on driving sales performance and team management to organizations of all shapes and sizes with an eye towards increased performance and revenue.

Both large group and private family sessions with facilitators are offered. As a family, you will have the opportunity to spend some quality time away from the office; switching from working “in the business” to working “on the business” and “on the family."

August 11-13, 2021

Paul Nelson Farm | Gettysburg, SD

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$5,500 — First two people
$1,900 — Each additional person


  • Keynote facilitation by Jared Lock, PhD
  • Dedicated facilitator for each family
  • Private facilitation space
  • Luxury accommodations and service

Learn What to Expect At Our

Family Business Retreat

At first, it was awkward being so formal with my parents and spouse about our business...

But having a facilitator broke our bad patterns from previous meetings and dinner table discussions.

At the Retreat, people who normally didn’t get the floor enough were able to be heard. Everyone listened to all ideas and thoughts, which made for healthier discussion and decision-making.

Our pattern has absolutely changed since attending. We now meet regularly, we wade straight into delicate or painful topics we avoided before, and we’re beginning to see greater possibilities as our vision becomes clearer for our business and family. We’re not done but we are moving forward now, and I don’t like to think about where we’d be if we hadn’t attended the retreat or gotten involved in PFBA.
   – 3rd Generation Family Business leader

Next Gen Retreats

designed to empower, engage & enthuse your future leaders

The next generation program is designed to empower, engage and enthuse the next generation of family business leaders.

The goal is to help the next generation learn more about the family business and assist them with a smooth transition into the business. The program is uniquely designed to accommodate the future leaders in each family business.

Understand and be better equipped to manage the complexities of family businesses
Developed leadership and communication skills
Understand the intricacies of being part of a family enterprise
Communicate information and resolve conflicts constructively

Who is "Next Gen"?

Consider attending a Next Gen Retreat if you are:

  • Between the ages 18-40

  • Not yet employed in the family business

  • Recently began working for the family business

  • Working in family business and beginning succession conversation or process

  • Interested in developing skills in areas such as emotional intelligence, leadership development and business development skills

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