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Why attend the conference? Hear it from our members.

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August 26, 2020

I know what you’re thinking. 

  • Do I have time? I can’t step away from my business for a day and a half! 
  • Is now the right time? 
  • Does my family even need this?

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear how the conference has transformed families!

“Attending the Family Business Conference gave us the pieces of information we needed for a successful business ownership transition from my husband and I to our children. The conference take-aways resulted in our buy-sell in place and our children learning to become well-rounded in business, as they work on strategic planning. My husband and I have peace of mind and our children have the resources they need!”

– First Generation, Family Business Founder

“The Family Business Conference touches all aspects of the business and family system, identifying the areas where better processes, shareholder and family education, communication and alignment will lead to better business performance and a stronger family.”

– Agatha Johnson, Family Business Advisor

“It is likely that our family business would not have successfully transitioned to the second generation without our years of involvement and commitment to the Family Business Conference.”

“Through the Family Business Conference, we learned how to turn our business from a single person calling the shots – to a management team, ownership group, and board of directors.”

– Second Generation, Family Business Owner – Real Estate Industry

“The connections I have made with other family businesses has far exceeded my expectations. The annual conference is a safe place to ask questions and get answers. Everyone is in the same boat, family businesses are unique and have unique challenges.”