Family Businesses Make the World Go 'Round

PFBA + EOS® to Help You Succeed for Generations

You already know that family businesses are the backbone of society. That means as the owner of a family business, the world is counting on you to succeed. And not just today, but for generations to come. That’s why we (the Prairie Family Business Association) have teamed up with the EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®) to provide you with simple, practical, and proven business-building tools used by over 80,000 companies around the world, resulting in what we call Vision, Traction®, Healthy.

PFBA Membership Benefits:

  • Education and programs to learn how to best succession plan

  • Work through family dynamics

  • Structure family meetings

  • Learn from 200+ other family owned business and advisors

  • Compliments the EOS process

Annual Family Business Conference

Join us virtually April 17-18, 2024!

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