Professional Advisor Study Groups

A Family Business Resource

Have you ever found yourself in these situations?

  • Situation #1

    Your client refuses to finalize a document that they initially requested.

  • Situation #2

    Simple business decisions are not made or are not put into practice by your client.

  • Situation #3

    You question the next generation’s ability to lead and your client’s ability to be honest with themselves and their children.

  • Situation #4

    Your work comes to an abrupt halt with no explanations.

If the answer is yes, you may benefit from our Professional Advisor Study Groups.

Study groups identify and integrate existing and emerging knowledge about family businesses though case studies and current research. As a multidisciplinary group, group members seek to expand their understanding of the various professions that serve family businesses. Understanding the many dimensions and dynamics of expert knowledge, advice, consultations and education for family business clients is critical for professionals who desire to distinguish themselves in the family business arena.


Once a group is organized, they meet at least once a quarter for 90 minutes.

  • Collaboration

    Build a strong foundation and collaborative group of family enterprise advisors and consultants.

  • Build Relationships

    Among peers who face similar challenges and opportunities

  • Gain Knowledge

    Provide multidisciplinary learning opportunities through the use of case discussions, guest speakers, presentations and open dialog among members.

  • Prep the Next Generation

    Nurture and inspire the next generation of potential leaders within our professions.

  • Learn from Experience

    Leverage the insight and perspectives of experienced practitioners in the field through guest speakers.

Interested in being a part of a professional advisor study group?

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