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Family businesses: Here’s how to access resources for you

Posted in ,   |  March 19, 2020

The Prairie Family Business Association has opened up its resources to any family business dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

That includes a weekly call, with the next one scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday, March 20. To sign up, click here. 

“All our members have agreed to share their resources with other family businesses, regardless of if you currently are a member of the Prairie Family Business Association,” said Stephanie Larscheid, the association’s executive director.

stephanie larscheid

“Our call Friday will include representation from the SBA as well as some of our family business members themselves, who will share their experience and provide helpful advice for others.”

Companies have shared some of their resources through Prairie Family Business, which include a COVID-19 self-assessment, a list of precautions and recommendations on how to address issues such as importing and exporting, employee pay, suppliers and truck drivers.

“We know family businesses are experiencing some unique challenges as they balance concerns over work and family, and we hope that by connecting you with others in similar situations, we’ll be able to provide some good, actionable advice,” Larscheid said.

“We want family businesses to know we’re here for them through this crisis, and we’ll be here when it has passed.”

To view the COVID-19 resource page, click here.