January 14
Values: The Birthright and Duty of Multi-generational Family Businesses
Presented by Ann Kinkade, Founder of Lucid Legacy

March 4
How Entitlement Impacts the Family Business
Francesco Lombardo – Founder of Veritage Family Office

May 20
Accountability: The Lifeblood of Family Business Continuity
Michael Fassler – Family Business Consulting Group

August 20

Planning Your Family Business Dividend Policy
Francois de Visscher— de Visscher & Co., LLC

Sorry, this event has been cancelled.

October 27


December 2
Planning Your Family Business Dividend Policy
John Brown – President of Business Enterprise Institute, Inc.


Without leaving town, you can learn from numerous experts via computer and/or telephone. It’s a 60-minute, topic-oriented, educational forum highlighting experts and family businesses from across the country. You can join other area family businesses at a host site near you and enjoy lunch while you’re learning! Webinars are generally scheduled monthly and available in a digital format.

“The PFBA webinar series provides best practice information on key family business topics with exceptional family business managers and professional consultants, in an efficient lunch-hour format. Sioux Corporation has participated in these workshops for several years and I highly recommend the program.”

– John W. Finger (Jack), P.E.


If you join our email notifications, then watch for an email invitation two weeks prior to the event. Or, call the office at 605-782-3225 or email.
Host Sites: Member rates $38.00, Nonmember rates at $47.00.
Personal Sites or CD’s: Member rates $99.00, Nonmember rates $129.00.


Quote about Webinars

“If your passion is to improve/grow your family business with the goal of passing to the next generation a stronger and more professional organization, the Family Business Advisor’s slate of webinars is a must. The webinars focus on all the key family issues that successful family businesses must confront and resolve for the long-term success of the organization. The level of expertise you receive at a reasonable cost in the convenience of your office is an opportunity that I would urge all family businesses to take advantage of for the benefit/education of family members, shareholders and/or employees.”

– Larry Lippow, President/CEO
Lippow Development Co.
Martinez, CA